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Maximm has earned its stripes as the premier cable purveyor of big-name and big-responsibility hosts


Maximm provides hotel operators across the country with the premium cables and extensions they need to welcome guests and keep them connected.

The wear and tear of high-turnover usage demands the best in quality and durability.

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Student Accommodations

School administrations have come to rely on the Maximm edge to ensure that 21st-century students — both in the classroom and the dorm — can access their devices and internet connections when and where they need it.

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From the service industry to recreation and travel, those with skin in the game put their trust in Maximm products and the Maximm guarantee of excellence — and their clients are as grateful as they are.

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When they can’t afford to fail, they choose MAXIMM

I’m too busy to worry about cable connections. That’s why I continue to trust Maximm products
In my fast-paced world, Maximm’s quick and efficient customer service is a game changer!
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