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Tough, Reliable Heavy Duty Extension Cords

Built to withstand various weather conditions thanks to its robust SJTW jacket design, ensuring reliable performance in any environment.

Shop Heavy Duty / Outdoor

With Thousands of happy customers on Amazon US, Amazon Canada, and Amazon Mexico, Maximm Cable has established itself as a brand customers can rely on for first-rate, long-lasting products that are delivered promptly; world-class customer service; and a generous 1-year warranty across all product lines.

  • Crafted with PVC jacket, 16-gauge copper conductors for an extension cord that will last you for years to come
  • Extremely tough and can resist tearing, abrasion, moisture and exposure to sunlight
  • Features a unique color design and color indicators which makes it easy to identify the plugged in cord
  • ETL listed and backed by a 1-year warranty to ensure that you get the best in safety and quality
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