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Our HDMI cable technology continues to be brought up-to-date so that you can get the most out of your 4K and 8K TVs and other modern devices.

Because wherever technology goes, Maximm leads the way

With Thousands of happy customers on Amazon US, Amazon Canada, and Amazon Mexico, Maximm Cable has established itself as a brand customers can rely on for first-rate, long-lasting products that are delivered promptly; world-class customer service; and a generous 1-year warranty across all product lines.

Maximm's HDMI 8K High Speed 48gbps Cable in New Sleek Colors

  • Same high quality cables with a new upgraded look! No need to hide your HDMI cables anymore. Now's your chance to share your style with custom colors you won't find anywhere else.
  • The HDMI's braided exterior fortifies the cable's outside layer for a cable that is stronger than the standard PVC HDMI cords.
  • This HDM 8K cable transmits 48Gbps speeds for a better, lag-free, tear-free experience in 8k. You'll be shocked by the smooth, crystal clear advantage over 4k!
  • The gold plated connectors, pure copper interior, and advanced graphics processor come together for a cable made with precious metal durability and future proof technology. UL listed for safe home use!
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