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Maximm Cable is a leading US firm providing business and consumers with superior cables and extensions to meet their everyday needs.


Durability. Capability. Reliability.

All products are UL Listed and/or ETL Listed and certified. Safety comes first. Your safety; the safety of your home, your family, your business; and the safety of your devices.

Our Journey

Founded in 2013, Maximm Cable set out to bring innovation to the cables and extensions market.

Scouring the manufacturing world for the highest quality materials and applying forward-thinking solutions in production and design, Maximm Cable soon began to experience a meteoric rise in this niche field.

In the years since, the firm has grown to become one of Amazon’s most trusted brands for HDMI cables, extension cords, ethernet cables, adapters, cable management solutions, and more.

With Thousands of happy customers on Amazon US, Amazon Canada, and Amazon Mexico, Maximm Cable has established itself as a brand customers can rely on for first-rate, long-lasting products that are delivered promptly; world-class customer service; and a generous 1-year warranty across all product lines.

Our HDMI cable technology continues to be brought up-to-date so that you can get the most out of your 4K and 8K TVs and other modern devices.

Because wherever technology goes, Maximm leads the way

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Your needs are our only guide

With wide and varied extension cord offerings, you’re sure to find the extension cord to fit your needs. Whether it’s a heavy duty waterproof extension for tough jobs, or a 5-in-1 USB and outlet combo for travel, Maximm Cable is where you turn for quality and results.

Our ethernet cables offer a variety of categories and uses.

From affordable to lightning fast; indoor, outdoor or inwall; waterproof and weatherproof; extra short and extra-long; we have just the right ethernet cable for every job, project, or connection.

More than Just wires

To ensure a complete customer experience, we carry stereo adapters, grounding adapters, 2-to-3 prong adapters, heavy duty adapters, wall tap adapters, and even extension adapters that help make the most out of your existing cables.

We also offer cable ties, cable sleeves, and cable clips, so you can keep your home or office neat and tidy, and your wires in order.

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We believe in our products and prove it with our company-wide 1-year guarantee

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