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Nylon sleeves that wrap up your cables to keep them tidy and organized

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Flexible Wire Loom

Maximm Cord Organizer with split tubing design for easy cord management that can hold 4-6 cords while it closes tightly around your cables for perfect wrapping. It is a reliable wire cover especially cord covers for wires on floor or cord covers for wall mounted TV. UL certified.

With Thousands of happy customers on Amazon US, Amazon Canada, and Amazon Mexico, Maximm Cable has established itself as a brand customers can rely on for first-rate, long-lasting products that are delivered promptly; world-class customer service; and a generous 1-year warranty across all product lines.

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  • Can be used at any desired length by trimming with scissors
  • Protect your wires from playful pets to lessen the risks of your wires being chewed on
  • Designed with close-braided exterion that can withstand temperatures from 103F to 257F