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Maximm Cable Management Wire Loom Cable Sleeve Cord Cover / Protector Black and White

Maximm Cable Management Wire Loom Cable Sleeve Cord Cover / Protector Black and White

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Maximm's Cable Sleeve Cord Cover / Protector

Easily organize your cables

  • FLEXIBLE WIRE LOOM. Maximm Cord Organizer with split tubing design for easy cord management that can hold 4-6 cords while it closes tightly around your cables for perfect wrapping. With a diameter of 1/2 inch, it's a reliable wire cover especially cord covers for wires on floor or cord covers for wall mounted TV. UL certified.
  • QUALITY DESIGN. Our cable sleeve can withstand temperatures from 103F to 257F. Designed with close-braided exterior to hide cords and protect them when wrapped such as extension cord, tv cable, charger cord, LAN cable and many more for effortless wire management.
  • EASY TO USE. This cable protector can be used at any desired length by trimming with scissors or using a lighter to lightly burn both ends of the loom for concealment. Recommended desk cable management, or in the living room as it helps maintain a well-organized environment. Our cable management sleeves can easily fit in at any corners where wires have to be kept hidden.
  • PROTECT YOUR WIRES FROM PLAYFUL PETS. Pets at home can naturally be curious at long thin objects such as cables or wires to the point of playfully biting or chewing them. Thus, our cord protectors from pets are suitable to lessen the risks of your wires being chewed on that may lead on short circuits. With this cord wrap your pets will loose interest in trying to mess with your cables as they are tightly wrapped.
  • Sleeve Diameter
    0.5in - 1in
  • Sleeve Color
    Black & White
  • Sleeve Material

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